A Loan for Online Proof – Step by Step Online

At one time, we could watch television commercials in which banks praised how to get a loan, they can be obtained from them, they only present an ID card. In practice, it unfortunately looked like a person coming from the street, and if nothing was shared with a given bank before, to get the loan you need, you must have a certificate of income and employment.

So far, this has not changed much in this respect, if we want to get a loan completely for evidence, we have to go to the bank where we have a personal account and we get a remuneration for it. The second option is a non-bank loan, where virtually every single company gave us a loan as an ID card, and completely via the internet, so we will not have to visit stationary outlets and complete all formalities, sitting comfortably in a computer chair.

Companies in which there is a loan for proof via the Internet

The first step – choosing a loan company

The first step - choosing a loan company

If we decide to obtain a loan through a loan company, first of all we should specify what loan we need. So, specifying – what amount of loan we are interested in and when we intend to repay the borrowed amount, depending on that we will be able to find an offer that will meet our expectations. The biggest difference lies in the fact that we borrow a minute, that is, we have to give the whole within 30 days (some companies allow repayment within 45 or 60 days) and long-term loan, we can pay on similar terms as in the bank, in monthly installments. Below you will find only reliable and reliable loan companies, which I wrote about during various types of articles and summaries. Everyone should find an offer here that will meet their expectations, depending on the amount of the loan we need and at what time I want to pay it back.

The second step – formalities

The second step - formalities

If we submit the application for a loan in a chosen company, then we will be left with the other formalities. In the case of online loans for ID cards, there are not many. The first step will be to pick up the phone from the loan company, the better we should not miss the more if we want a quick loan, because the phone can be re-contacted a few hours later, which will significantly delay the transfer of the loan. During the telephone conversation with the consultant we will be asked to confirm our data and additionally we may be asked some additional questions. Such a telephone conversation usually does not last longer than 2-3 minutes.

Third step – verification transfer

Third step - verification transfer

Very often, loan companies use additional verification of borrowers. If loan companies would give loans just to provide data from the evidence, it would often come to fraudulent loans. That’s why online loan companies use additional bank account verification. It depends on the fact that we have to make a verification transfer from your bank account, but this is usually not higher than PLN 0.01 (1 grosze), only in some companies it is PLN 1 (but then we can often count on a faster transfer via BlueCash). In any case, this verification fee in verified companies is never higher than 1 zlotys, so if you come across an offer where this required fee is higher, then you should skip this offer with a wide arc.

A loan without transferring a penny from an account – some companies allow you to get a loan without having to make a verification transfer. Instead, they provide a special application by means of which the account holder’s verification is carried out automatically (eg, a Connect Account in the offers of companies such as Carriedo or Eicredit ). However, in order for such an application to be able to connect to our bank account, we must provide it with the data to log in to our bank account.

The fourth step – verification of the borrower

The fourth step - verification of the borrower

When we manage to make a verification transfer, the rest of the activity is already in the hands of the loan company. The company will check our preferences and whether we have the ability to borrow and whether we are not indebted. Here you need to sensitize some people to the fact that more and more loan companies also use customer verification in Retrodatabase databases. So if you did not get the loan you need, then you have to look for companies that do not check Retrodatabase during customer verification. Instead, however, the company will check if you are not indebted in the debtors’ databases such as the National Debt Register or Driff. It usually happens to them when, for example, we do not pay invoices for a telephone or electric bill.

The fifth step – transfer the loan to your account

The fifth step - transfer the loan to your account

However, if there are no contraindications to lending us, the company will inform us about the positive passage through the verification procedures and that our loan application has been accepted. It has a different form – one company makes another phone call and others inform via text message or e-mail. The transfer of cash takes place directly to the bank account number from which we have already transferred the verification fee. The loan agreement is sent in most cases electronically, not many companies in which a loan for online proof is available, it is sent by post or via courier, although there are cases. And that’s basically everything, though …

Important! If you reach for a non-bank loan, remember to repay your loan repayments in a timely manner and repay your payables within the set deadline. Avoid all situations that are not nice for you if you pay the loan repayment in a timely manner.

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